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About us

Beth & Jamie, Founders, FlirtyFinds®

The founders of
FlirtyFinds® have been best friends since their first days together at Lafayette College. They always dreamed of having a business together, and knew they'd make a great team, but it was many years before this would be a reality.   Post college, the girls had both established successful careers. Jamie was a senior executive at Ralph Lauren, leading a successful team of buyers, focused on merchandising and product assortments. Beth was managing the corporate sales group at Tiffany Co., responsible for sales and marketing to Tiffany & Co.'s largest corporate clients. Fast forward several years, and they had both married two fantastic guys and eventually traded in their professional garb for jeans, tee shirts and kids. 

In 2008, they joined forces to create FlirtyFinds®, a fusing together of two opposite yet complementary personalities and styles. Their handpicked finds reflect what Beth and Jamie have in common – a fun, flirtatious attitude toward fashion, and a knack for using accessories to turn a good outfit into a great look. 

By 2013, FlirtyFinds® brand had grown and developed, and the overwhelming popularity and success the girls experienced selling FlirtyFinds® products out of their homes and at shopping events and home shows sparked their next “big idea” --  the FlirtyFinds Boutique in a Box. The concept of a Flirty Boutique that can be owned by anyone -- from stay-at-home moms to college students to entrepreneurs -- enables other flirty women to experience the same success that Beth and Jamie have found with FlirtyFinds®

Whether your style is trendy, classic, or somewhere in between, FlirtyFinds® has something for you. 

Go ahead...Find your inner flirt.
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