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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Posted by Beth on 4/5/2014
All of us are dying to get outta dodge after this miserable winter.  Here's your formula for packing for a week long beach/warm weather vacation in ONE medium sized suitcase...while still looking flirty;) 

Spring Foundation

Posted by Beth on 3/27/2014
A basic spring outfit that is easy, chic and easily transformed and flirtified.

Winter Dressing Formula

Posted by Beth on 2/17/2014
Do you have a winter dressing formula? I realized this winter that my yoga pants have been replaced by leggings as my wear-almost-everyday winter pant.  Here's how to make them flirty.

On the flirty fence?

Posted by Beth on 11/7/2013
Are you a flirty girl sitting on the fence? Still not sure about the FlirtyFinds Boutique in a Box?

A Flirty Aha! Moment

Posted by Beth on 11/3/2013
The Aha! Moment that led to the creation of the FlirtyFinds Boutique in a Box.

The Case For Boot Cut Jeans

Posted by Beth on 9/10/2013
Fall means jeans, and jeans are a flirty girl's favorite thing to wear. The skinny jean trend seems to be hanging around, but happily boot cut jeans and pants are back in the stores and this is GOOD NEWS!

To Tuck, Untuck, or Half Tuck?

Posted by Beth on 5/3/2013
The button-up shirt is a flirty staple...But the question is do you tuck, untuck or half tuck?

What is flirty?

Posted by Beth on 4/25/2013
Find out what we mean by might not be what you think.

Figuring out Hemline Confusion

Posted by Beth on 4/12/2013
Flirty, not Frumpy hemlines.

The Best Spring Dress Style for YOU

Posted by Beth on 4/4/2013
Spring parties and events are starting...Do you have a few go-to dresses that are perfect for YOU?

Transition into Spring

Posted by Beth on 3/22/2013
Just because there still may be a foot of snow on the ground doesn't mean you can't start adding some spring to your look.

The Great White Shirt

Posted by Beth on 3/15/2013
The white shirt is your wardbrobe's most important foundation.

How to Wear Stripes

Posted by Beth on 3/8/2013
The old rule about stripes making you look "fat" is SO passe. Everyone can wear stripes by following some basic tips.

What to Wear When...It says "Business Casual"

Posted by Beth on 2/24/2013
A bit of an oxymoron, "Business Casual" can be a tricky look to master. Here are some flirty tips to help.

What to Wear When...You need to focus on your assets

Posted by Beth on 10/20/2012
Rather than beating ourselves up , let's draw attention where we WANT attention.

What to Wear When...You have 5 minutes

Posted by Beth on 10/17/2012
What to Wear When...You have 5 minutes to get out the door.

Managing Trend Trauma

Posted by Beth on 9/24/2012
How do you know if a trend is right for you?

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Posted by Beth on 11/5/2011
Thanksgiving can be fraught with stress.  Find out what to wear and at least eliminate that dilemma.

What to Wear When: HS Reunion

Posted by Beth on 9/29/2011
“HELP! My High School Reunion is in 2 weeks! What do I wear???”

What to Wear When You've Eaten a Pound of Fudge

Posted by Beth on 12/22/2010
My son's teacher just gave me the best homemade fudge I've ever tasted, which makes me think about tips for slimming holiday dressing...

Have a "What to Wear When" question?  Ask Beth!

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